The Claret School March on SoundCloud

Claret School March on SoundCloud

Claret School March on SoundCloud

For Claretians past, present, and future. The tempo is a little slower than what we were used to from the mid-1980s up until the late 1990s. After all, it is a march, isn’t it? The intonation of the lyrics are also slightly different at certain parts.

The Claret School March

Music by Sister Ma. Rosalina Abejo, RVM
Lyrics by Mercedes Soliven-David

Gather ’round, O Sons of Great Claret
Fill the air with joy and love!
For we learn that knowledge is delight,
Fulfilling the wish of our God!

Embrace virtue, we must
Spread the truth, we shall;
Love justice, ‘til we die;
Hope and peace to this world impart!

March on with Christ’s vision,
Keep high, our Queen’s traditions
Dauntless and strong as one band,
Guided by Anthony Claret.

I am a Claretian myself and now my eldest son is one, too. I could not find a copy to listen to online, so here it is. Feel free to download and distribute this as needed.

If you have the more upbeat version, the old march, please share it with us! 🙂


This is the same version as the one posted above, but with the tempo increased by 25%, which sounds more like the march that we were used to in the 1980s to the late 1990s. However, the intonation of certain lyrics still differ.

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5 thoughts on “The Claret School March on SoundCloud

  1. Joseph Sambilay

    Listening to the march made me reminisce my youth days. Yes, this version is slower in tempo and the last line was sung not in the traditional way as we always did. I know Mrs. David, her two sons were also Claretians, More power to you E.J.P., Long live Claret!

    Joseph Sambilay – Claret batch ’82

    1. E.J. Padero Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, sir. I was looking for the song online, but could not find a copy to listen to with my elder son. Having just started in senior nursery, I am proud to say that he is now also a Claretian! I got this copy off part of a YouTube tribute video by the class of (“batch”) 1977. I’ll post the faster version here if/when I find a copy, the one we were all used to.

      I am also looking for a copy of the Hymn to St. Anthony Claret. So far, online searches only yield the lyrics.

    2. E.J. Padero Post author

      I’ve just posted a faster version of the same song above. I made the previous version faster, increased the tempo by 25%. I differences in the last few lines remain.

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