Oz the Great and Powerful: From Slickster to Savior

Oz the Great and Powerful: From Slickster to Savior

Having been released on Valentine’s Day this year, I watched this prequel only recently. Here is my compilation of filtered wisdom from the film:

Oz: I don’t want to be a good man… I want to be a great one.

Oz the Great and Powerful: From Slickster to Savior

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[Oz takes Glinda’s hand and takes her towards the curtain]
Oz: For you, a sight envied by all and seen by none. You’ll be astounded by what you find behind the curtain.
[they step inside and Oz closes the curtain, Oz and Glinda face each other]
Glinda: Oh, my. It’s very tight in here.
Oz: It’s nice, isn’t it?
Glinda: I know what you’re up to, Wizard.
Oz: What? I’m just giving you a tour. And I want to thank you, for opening my eyes.
Glinda: And what do you see?
Oz: That I have everything I ever wanted.
[they both smile]
Glinda: For the record, I know you had it in you all along.
Oz: Greatness?
Glinda: No, better than that… Goodness.

“No movie ever can, or will, replace 1939’s The Wizard Of Oz, but taken on its own terms, this eye-filling fantasy is an entertaining riff on how the Wizard of that immortal film found his way to Oz.”

“Now that I’m a parent, I realize that Oz is the father figure. He’s not a bad man, but not someone who can solve all his children’s problems for them, either. All he can really do is appreciate them for who they are, so that they learn to appreciate themselves.”

“Much of Oz the Great and Powerful centers on Oscar’s transformation from me-first slickster to the Wizard of Oz, aka the Man Behind the Curtain. With Oscar relying heavily on the inventions of Thomas Edison, his hero back on Earth, to pull off his biggest trick ever, Oz the Great and Powerful finally breaks free of its beautiful but artificial trappings and becomes a story with heart in the final act.”

The soundtrack of Oz the Great and Powerful (by Danny Elfman) is not bad, either. In fact, I’m humming the theme right now.

Some say that it reminds them of the theme from Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride (also composed by Danny Elfman).

I look forward to getting the other original DVDs of this “trilogy”, for my kids AND admittedly for myself:

  • The Wizard of Oz (1939 film) – I am still amused by the “dance” of the guards
  • Return to Oz (1985 film) – My fave character when I watched it as a kid was Tik-Tok, The Army of Oz

Oz the Great and Powerful: From Slickster to Savior

Great men are not born great. Despite their flaws, their being human, great men are the products of the goodness in them stepping up at a crucial moment in time to uphold what is right, what should be.

On the other hand, angry and hurt and misled persons are not born thus, either:

Oz: Theodora, I know your wickedness is not your doing. And should you ever again find the goodness within you, you are welcome to return.