Got Klingon Bat’leth?

Star Trek Klingon Batleth

Now these are very scary Klingons!

Klingon Proverb of the Day: “A sharp knife is nothing without a sharp eye.”

  • tlhIngan Hol: leghlaHchu’be’chugh mIn lo’laHbe’ taj jej
  • Literal translation: A sharp knife is useless if the eye is unable to clearly see.
  • Klingon Honor Guard manual, page 47
  • Klingon language source: The Klingon Way, Marc Okrand

Got Klingon Bat'leth

The Bat’leth Gang, outside Fandom Cafe.

The awesome (Star Trek) Klingon Bat’leth replicas were made by Dexter Leonardo Enriquez, whom I met at Via Astris, Inc. (The Star Trek Club of the Philippines). It is tapered and painted plywood with leatherette strips and measures 48 inches (tip to tip) by 11 inches wide.

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