X-MEN Vol. 1, No. 1. October 1991

I am so relieved that this is one of the “salvage survivors” in my comic book collection.

I mourn the ones lost, such as X-MEN #30 (The Wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey), The Uncanny X-MEN #300, and the gate-fold cover issue/version of X-MEN #1. FML.

X-MEN Vol 1 No 1 October 1991

P.S. I’m also mourning the loss of my complete “Infinity War” series and Part 1 of “X-Cutioner’s Song” – the assassination attempt on Prof. X, where even Archangel’s adamantium wings were not enough to protect/shield Charles from Strife’s (“disguised” as X-Force’s Cable) weapon.

P.P.S. My copies of Generation X #1 and X-MEN Adventures #1 are missing. My complete set of the Legion Quest crossover across X-titles is also gone, gone, gone.

2 thoughts on “X-MEN Vol. 1, No. 1. October 1991

  1. Bin

    hello cuzin, you may be relieved to remember that some of your comics are in my safekeeping 🙂 i dont remember which titles though (senior moment)

    1. E.J. Post author

      Let’s check which ones are with you one of these days. I should really have an organized, library-like lending system like you do.

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