The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium Revisited

Here’s a video of clips/recordings I took when we revisited the Manila Ocean Park, particularly the Oceanarium.

I’ve also made videos of clips from the Marine Life Show, Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies (jellyfish exhibit), and the Musical Fountain Show, but I think this one is the best of them to share.

A video from our first visit to the Manila Ocean Park over two years ago can be found here.

To think that our first-born was still in-utero in that video. In this new one, he’s now running around the Oceanarium and his mom is holding number two! 😉

1 thought on “The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium Revisited

  1. Ed Grandpapa

    Johann seemed to keep pointing to some specific fish types… he definitely liked the place. Anton is too young to appreciate the place.

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