My “Banana Type” Nokia 6300

Here’s another old video I dug up from years ago.

Remember the Nokia 8110 (phone used by Neo in The Matrix movie) and 7110? Well, here’s my own customized “banana-shaped/type” version of a Nokia 6300, thanks to not one, but two drops of the rear door of an AUV (a cross between a mini van and sport utility vehicle).

What is this I don’t even…

How did it happen? I sat in the rear of the vehicle with the rear door open and I had placed my phone beside me. When I got up, I forgot my phone was still there when I brought the door down shut. The door seemed stuck, so I opened and shut it again.

Other than the broken LCD and the new banana shape, the phone still worked fine.

The video was taken on November 7, 2007.