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Jam came across this gem yesterday, while researching if the Anmum Materna sold here in Manila might contain raw dairy ingredients from China (melamine! gasp!):

I just accidentally drank Anmum (milk for pregnant mothers). What are the consequences? I don’t want to have a baby.

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You’ll accidentally [get] pregnant. Congratulation[s]!

Other juicy answers:

  • No escape this time ’round.
  • …it shows dat u have brilliant brain
  • you need to take some pill
  • u will lose ur koo koo bird
  • next time, go to giant supermarket faster and buy condom before drinking the Anmum..
  • the stuff from the milk will stimulate the hormone-stuffs that will produce more milk for the baby and the father
  • …you’ll produce so much breastmilk they’ll leak all the way out!

So anyway, it turns out that the local Anmum distributor imports from New Zealand. I hope testing is done on all products here that might have dairy ingredients from China. On the consumer level, the best we can do is educated guessing and avoidance of using products that may have Chinese dairy ingredients.

Could this all be part of a sinister plot for world domination via infanticide? It is a modern-day slaughter of the innocents. More likely, the persons involved in approving the use of melamine in dairy products from China obviously just did not or do not care if it was safe. It’s a business and the bottom line is profit – but at what cost?

Update: A temporary ban/hold on dairy or milk products that might contain melamine has been imposed by the Philippine government yesterday (I didn’t get the memo). Testing is in the works, sort of. Read more: Avoid ‘Made in China’.

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