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A big thank you to those who took the time to write the words below:

I am a recent subscriber to the services of [company name] which may I say is an outstanding technological example of the future that we all shall enjoy. The purpose of my email today is simply to draw your attention to what I consider an outstanding performance in your organization involving an employee, E.J. Padero.

E.J. was to handle my registration and to offer initial support for me to establish a trial account with [company name]. During my encounter with E.J., I was impressed with many facets of his professionalism including his outstanding communication skills along with his ability to communicate in a patient and rational manner. E.J. was polite, respectful and helpful, whilst also managing to effectively instruct and guide me through a very unfamiliar experience such as setting up my [company name] account and applying the benefits to our organization.

We own and manage a number of corporate market leaders here in Australia and I am a Director and Shareholder in these organizations whilst also being responsible for many staffing and managerial roles and I am quite happy to say that rarely do I encounter such commitment and passion in an individual such as E.J. Padero. I can only say that if I had many such a person within our own organization, our success would be magnified.

I can only hope that E.J.’s superior effort and commitment would be recognized by his managers and peers alike and that he would be rewarded with opportunities to further his own career desires within [company name].

I would be happy to discuss this and any aspect of my comments with you should you wish to.

I’m writing to comment on my recent experience with your Customer Support staff.

For the past 3 days I’ve spoken with approximately (4) individuals on that staff. With the exception of my most recent exchange, the Customer Support staff was difficult, patronizing, and unpleasant.

My most recent exchange was with an E.J. Padero. He was the marked exception to my earlier experiences with Customer Support. Please know that his help was polite, intelligent, direct, patient, and overall, a much more pleasant experience than that with others with whom I spoke.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know about my outstanding experience with your Technical Support Group. Mr. E.J. Padero was truly amazing today in his determination to solve my problem. After numerous tries and extreme patience he was able to get my software installed and stable. He continued to demonstrate outstanding customer support and was not willing to give up on my install. You are very lucky to have him on your TEAM… Thanks Mr. E.J. Padero & [company name] for your outstanding support.

I am a client writing to let you know my experience with your employee; Ed Jr. The man was articulate, polite, VERY knowledgeable, patient, and sincere. It is a welcome change of pace contacting a support tech these days that can actually solve software issues.

I have expressed my gratitude with his immediate supervisor. Again, thanks for providing true support.

I recently had data back-up problems with [software name] and went through about 8 hours of frustration on the telephone with several support representatives over a 2 week period. My biggest concern was that my back-up function was not working during this 2 week period and my business records were in jeopardy. I recently upgraded my storage capacity for back-up (I purchased more storage) and the program defaulted to back-up my entire hard drive – much larger than my purchased upgrade. Definitely not an appropriate default setting.

Yesterday, I finally reached a representative that knew how to solve my problem. His name is Mr. EJ Padero. For one, I could understand his English and even though I was highly frustrated and articulated such to him, he was pleasant, understanding and worked hard to fix my problem. He really went well above all the others in helping me get my problem resolved. Late last week I began thinking it might be my communication skills as the problem, but my husband clocked two hours with tech support this week before giving up as well.

EJ is an asset to [company name]. I’m hopeful you will see that he is recognized for his work ethic, patience and willingness to work through a complex issue to satisfy a disgruntled customer. He restored my confidence in [company name].

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