Pie Face Game (Full Video)
Volume 3 (May 2015 to Sep 2017), Volume 3: Games, Volume 3: Kids, Volume 3: Videos

Watch: Pie Face Game (Full Video)

Watch Jam and I play the roulette game Pie Face / Pie to the Face at a new board game, tabletop gaming cafe on Maginhawa Street, called Snacks & Ladders Boardgame Bistro.

The boys find it hilarious, but our toddler does not know what to make of it, unsure of whether to laugh or cry at Mommy and Daddy getting smacked with whipped cream in the face.

We had 5 gobs of cream to use, but only got to use 4 because she was getting really serious with her pleas of, “No, no!”

Watch the video below:

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