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This website’s previous release ran on Drupal 6.x. It used the Light Theme, ported by Nick Young). On it, I said;

I really should revamp this website, “one of these days…”

EJPadero dot Com on Drupal 6.x
EJPadero dot Com on Drupal 6.x

Well, that day has come – Here it is! I took a 1000 mg dose of Fuckitol and decided to ditch playing around with cumbersome Drupal. I’ve had horrible experiences having to work with Drupal and Joomla coders/developers in the past. You know who you are. Liars and bastards. I am far from impressed and not amused.

Anyway, my personal portal is now back to running on good ol’ reliable and trustworthy WordPress.

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


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  • Welcome back! *snicker snicker. I’m thinking of going back to Blogger because I’ve grown exponentially lazy since ’99. But OTOH, it may be worth reviving a text-only website. Yeah, you can say exponentially indecisive too. :p

    • The Hombre has made the first comment. 🙂 Thanks.

      It looks like we’ve both grown sideways, too. Srsly, will switching from your current PressWork setup (already a lazy man’s WordPress “Front-end drag & drop editor” itself), to Blogger/Blogspot really be good for you – or will you just restrict yourself and set yourself up for frustration? Hmm.

      The saying goes, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish,” not “Stay lazy. Stay foolish“. 😉

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