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Moving WordPress, Trying Joomla, Liking Drupal


The Move

I had been meaning to move my blog from my domain root to a subdirectory for some time now. I made a few of botched attempts last year, then time-pressed with other things, I gave up. Until two days ago. A little inspiration went a long way. A little more work was required this time, because last year’s failed migration of WordPress left some complications in the initial objective.

When I first tried to move my WP blog last year, I had the brilliant idea of putting it in a domain sub-folder named “2008”. Being the WP newbie that I was, I did not know that the MySQL database in WP already had such a directory in use for my 2008 archives. So when I created the said folder and then installed WP in it, WP got confused with the two installations, thinking they were the same database. In short, I kinda mixed/messed up WP and almost broke it. I was lucky that the database was still usable.

My domain’s CPanel > Fantastico > WordPress section then thought that I had 3 instances of WP:

  1. in the root
  2. in /2008
  3. in /vol2

Attempts to rectify the issue merely wrecked the database completely and I had to ask the nice people at my web host to restore full backups of my domain a couple of times. So I just left it at that – the root and /2008 in a weird and fugly merge, but /vol2 working fine.

So last Saturday, I was able to spend some time to continue with the WP migration and with the separation + cleanup of the mess from last year’s failure. I don’t know if I just missed things last year, or if updating to the latest WP version helped, but I was finally able to run all the way home with it. EJPdC: Vol 1 and Vol 2 are now where I want them to be. Yay! 🙂

Muchos gracias to Moving WordPress on the WordPress Codex and to How to Transfer a WordPress Blog to a Different Directory on eHow.

Joomla vs. Drupal

With EJPdC: Vol 1 out of the root and safely in a subdir (working fine, but needing a few tweaks with the media/images locations), my domain root was now empty and ready for the portal type of menu for all things EJ Padero that I had in mind. I thought about executing yet another WP installation, but decided to try a different CMS instead. The very nifty CPanel > Fantastico domain wizard showed me two choices that stood out because I came across them at work before – Joomla and Drupal.

I tried/installed Joomla in my domain root first. I was overwhelmed by its complexity and array of options. It seemed too much to use for my humble personal portal. I removed it and tried Drupal.

Maybe Joomla was too different from WordPress, which I have gotten used to. Drupal feels more similar to WP. I feel more able to use Drupal than Joomla. I’m liking Drupal so far.

Here goes nothing something.

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