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Changed WordPress Themes. Again.

The latest updates for Magomra by bitacre were not looking/working so well for me. For one thing, what was up with images and embedded videos not showing up unless you go to the post itself?

So anyway, I gave The Coraline Theme by Automattic a whirl (EJPdC: V 2.2). Automattic is where WordPress founding developer, Matt Mullenweg is at now. It is also the company behind WordPress.com, Akismet, Gravatar, VaultPress, IntenseDebate, and Polldaddy, to name a few. I ended up wanting more real estate in pixel width (didn’t wanna bother tweaking the theme’s width), so I went looking for another theme.

Just like how stock parts/specifications on a car are designed to be optimal for that particular model, for now I think I’ll get comfy with the WordPress team’s new theme (released 2012-09-27), Twenty Twelve (EJPdC: V 2.3).

I wish Coraline and Twenty Twelve could have more than just one custom menu. Magomra could have two.