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Media Noche 2010-2011

Medianoche means, “midnight” in Spanish.

In the Philippines, Media Noche is the New Year’s Eve family feast held at or through the stroke of midnight on January 1 to bring in the new year.

Our compliments to: Dulcinea, Italianni’s, Alex III Restaurant, Max’s Restaurant, and The Landmark.

Good Things Come in Threes

Such as: Musketeers, Amigos, Stooges, Yada’s, Tenors, Kings or Wise Men, Wishes, and Graces or Gratiae – to name but a few.

For us yesterday, January 26, it was: (1) Chinese New Year, (2) the first solar/annular eclipse of 2009, and (3) Johann Raphael’s first day home.

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