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BFAD List of Milk and Milk Products Tested for the Presence of Melamine

To cap off the previous posts Resolved Question and Avoid ‘Made in China’, and find out if Anmum Materna (a Fonterra brand, powdered prenatal milk supplement, “especially formulated for pregnant women”) does or does not contain melamine, here’s a list on the website of the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD):

The list item entitled Milk and Milk Products where Melamine was not Detected (Released 07 Oct 2008, posted 08 Oct 2008) has Anmum Materna Milk Powder (Chocolate Flavor) 400g on it.

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Avoid ‘Made in China’

The Philippine government has finally taken steps to address consumer concerns that dairy products sold locally might contain the Chinese-approved chemical melamine, which boosts protein test readings – but kills or disables you for life in the process! A partial list of “banned milk products” (more like, temporarily on-hold) was released by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) yesterday. More products are added to the list daily.

Sound familiar? Just last year, it was made public that Chinese White Rabbit Creamy Candies contain FORMALIN!

Meanwhile, the public is advised not to buy these products nor consume them. BFAD Chief Leticia Gutierrez said the ban will remain in effect until BFAD releases results of the tests in October.

Products that have tested positive for melamine have been announced almost daily in countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Why not yet in the Philippines? There is speculation that the Philippine government is still in the process of purchasing melamine testing kits/equipment.

Here’s the partial list of milk/dairy products that are to be tested for melamine from China; there are 56 so far:

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Resolved Question

Jam came across this gem yesterday, while researching if the Anmum Materna sold here in Manila might contain raw dairy ingredients from China (melamine! gasp!):

I just accidentally drank Anmum (milk for pregnant mothers). What are the consequences? I don’t want to have a baby.

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters:

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