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The Manila Ocean Park Oceanarium Revisited

Here’s a video of clips/recordings I took when we revisited the Manila Ocean Park, particularly the Oceanarium.

I’ve also made videos of clips from the Marine Life Show, Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies (jellyfish exhibit), and the Musical Fountain Show, but I think this one is the best of them to share.

A video from our first visit to the Manila Ocean Park over two years ago can be found here.

To think that our first-born was still in-utero in that video. In this new one, he’s now running around the Oceanarium and his mom is holding number two! 😉

At The Manila Ocean Park

In the lull after the neighborhood new year’s fireworks were spent (with thanks to the rain), I did some digging around in my files. I found some video clips from our trip almost three months ago, to the Manila Ocean Park – the Philippines’ first oceanarium, situated behind the Quirino Grandstand (Roxas Boulevard), Luneta / Rizal Park, Manila Bay. Enjoy:

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