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Brighter Than Sunshine

I was finally able to meet up with George Vallo again last Friday. Our much-awaited church wedding video coverage (mostly by those who weren’t able to make it) is now out on DVD. We’ll be sending out copies soon.

Living that fateful day felt like I was watching myself from the third person perspective. The wife and I had a bit of a laugh trip in retrospect, watching one of the happiest days of our lives unfold on video. Here’s one of the chapters on our wedding video DVD below:

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Jade pwns E.J.

Photo by George Vallo. Photoshopped image by EJ Padero. Inspired by Street Fighter and Tekken. Pwnage by Jade.

Jade pwns EJ. Hadouken! Prenuptiality.

A selected image from the EJ and Jade engagement photos. Original image below:

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Pre (Church) Wedding Photo Shoot

The E.J. and Jade pre-wedding or engagement photos by George Vallo; also referred to as prenup or prenuptial photos.

Taken August 25, 2008. On location in Ayala Greenfield Estates, Calamba, Laguna – on the slopes of Mt. Makiling.

To View the album of selected photos at ejpadero.multiply.com, click here.

Yes, that’s the Vulcan salute, Dup dor a’az Mubster, from Star Trek in the photo below. Yes, I am such a g33k.

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