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Metrobank Daylight Armed Robbery

March 9, 2009. A couple of men wait in front of a Metrobank branch in Brgy. Parian Village, Calamba, Laguna. Their target/victim is a gas station supervisor who is about to deposit the day’s sales. The bank’s outdoor CCTV camera facing the entrance (front parking area) caught this on tape.

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Pre (Church) Wedding Photo Shoot

The E.J. and Jade pre-wedding or engagement photos by George Vallo; also referred to as prenup or prenuptial photos.

Taken August 25, 2008. On location in Ayala Greenfield Estates, Calamba, Laguna – on the slopes of Mt. Makiling.

To View the album of selected photos at ejpadero.multiply.com, click here.

Yes, that’s the Vulcan salute, Dup dor a’az Mubster, from Star Trek in the photo below. Yes, I am such a g33k.

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