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Fun – We Are Young (Solo Drum Cover, sort of)

Fun - We Are Young (Solo Drum Cover, sort of)Rocking out like no one is watching! Recorded on April 11, 2013, just a couple of days shy of turning 3 years old so please be kind.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Ride All You Can at the Fun Ranch

Below is a montage of video clips from an afternoon at the Fun Ranch in Pasig yesterday, as we celebrated our 4th anniversary as parents to our eldest. Enjoy:

Ride All You Can at the Fun Ranch from E.J. Padero on Vimeo.

An afternoon at the Fun Ranch in Pasig, on Johann's 4th Birthday.

Happy Birthday, dear Johann! 🙂

Video: Johann’s 3rd Birthday

A montage of photos and video clips from January 22.

Katy Perry’s performance in Manila for her California Dreams concert tour was also on that day. She sent us her regrets, as she was unable to join our celebration.

Katy kissed Ivan Dorschner on-stage, but she says she was thinking of Johann the whole time.

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Got Sparklers?

It was Johann’s 3rd Birthday yesterday. We had a little celebration with cake (of course!), dinner out, and a trip to an amusement arcade.

Before washing up for the kids’ bedtime last night, we finished off the fireworks that I set aside from New Year’s Eve.

Here’s an animated photo gif I made:

Got Sparklers?

I think animated GIFs are called, “cinemagraphs” these days.

Anton really likes his party hat. We lit a fountain, a couple of ground spinners, and a pack of sparklers.

That’s Xena walking in and out of the shots. Her long coat had to be shaved off to manage the tick infestation. Did you know that those little bloodsuckers can go for up to 3 YEARS without food? Evil ticks are evil.

I’ll post moar photos and some video laterz. Maybe.