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Express Yourself in Acronyms, The Military Way

fmj_sgt_hartmanLately, I’ve been SNAFU-ing and FUBAR-ing in my online posts and comments more than usual – aside from using my favorite 1337 h4x0r (that’s “leet haxor” to you non-g33ks) speak terms, like “pwn3d” (owned).

Below is a compiled list for your reference, for when they will suit you the most. Hooah!

* * *

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Goodbye, My Right Upper 3rd Molar!

I still have all my teeth. However, all four of my third molars (a.k.a. wisdom teeth) are impacted. Mga impakto!, as I call them. This particular one was the one that was aching during Christmas, probably when it partially errupted.

Tricie and her groupmates are graduating from dentistry this semester and so commissioned me as their “special case”. I always knew I was (were?) special.

Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge them:

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How Long Were You Online On Christmas Day?

Gizmodo says;

Two-thirds of adults will be online [on Christmas Day] for an average of 84 minutes…

Most probable online activities: chatting, conversing, or even video conferencing with family and friends via instant messenger programs (Skype, Yahoo! Mesenger, MSN Messenger, etc.); emailing or posting those holiday photos to online albums; logging in to check or update your online profiles at social networking websites such as Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Friendster, Plurk, etcetera; blogging – to name a few.

Obviously, I was also reading I came across a nifty article: How To Use Your New Digital Camera.

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