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Say Aah with the Star Trek U. S. S. Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

Star Trek U. S. S. Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

Star Trek U. S. S. Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

“Say aah, here comes the spaceship!” (docking into your Face Station?) that your parents used to say, and which you now say to your own kids has just become a tangible and fun reality.

“Explore strange new foods with your Starfleet Cadet!”

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Rules For Dating My Daughter

Rules For Dating My Daughter t-shirt

Rules For Dating My Daughter

I saw these rules to use as daddy guidelines for having a daughter and had them printed on a shirt. Our little Khaleesi hasn’t arrived yet, but she’ll be here very soon. In my mind, I am already running around, screaming hysterically, and panicking.

“If you’re a parent of a girl, you’ll know how perfect this ’10 Rules For Dating My Daughter’ shirt is and if you’re not, it’s time to learn the rules.”

Here’s the design in front:

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Anne Curtis Draws Ire of MTRCB Who Speculate She Had No Panties On During A Dance Number on ASAP 18

Anne Curtis: No Panties?

I’ll just leave this here.

For Nat, and the madlang pipol.

“She can do whatever she wants, pare. I just wear ear plugs and enjoy the show.”

Happy Birthday, Anne Curtis! I love your dress. Srsly, it’s very clever. The MTRCB can be such a bunch of prudes sometimes (except when they bash that sleazebag Willie Revillame).

Another pic and a vid of the whole “over-provocative” (oh, please) song/dance number after the jump.

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Ninja/Samurai Sword/Katana Umbrella

The rain falls softly.
The samurai draws his sword.
Look, an umbrella.

Ninja Samurai Sword Katana Handle Umbrella

I am now equipped to fight the rain. Thanks to Cley.

Check out the campy and fun product description below (copied word-for-word):

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