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Teachings Of The Buddha: Great Discourse On Blessings

At one time, the Exalted One was living in Jeta Grove. A certain diety of astounding beauty approached the Exalted One and said:

Many dieties and humans
have pondered on blessings.
Tell me the blessings supreme.

The Buddha replied:

To associate not with the foolish,
to be with the wise,
to honor the worthy ones
this is a blessing supreme.

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Closing Time by Semisonic is Not About the End of a Night Out

Closing Time by Semisonic Is Not About the End of a Night Out

During my stint at an internet cafe and I.T consulting company on Katipunan Avenue across the Ateneo in the late ’90s, we programmed one of the workstations to play the mp3 at 9 p.m. daily.

As Tribble Number One’s 6th Birthday approaches, TIL that Semisonic’s 1998 song Closing Time *is not* about the end of a night out.

TL;DR skip to 3:44.

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