Moira Myrcella: Hello, World!

Moira Myrcella: Hello, World!

“We could not be happier.”

The luck of the third adventure

Moira Myrcella: Hello, World!

Moira Myrcella: Hello, World!

“The name Moira is a given name of Greek origin, meaning “destiny, share, fate”. In Greek mythology, the Moirai (Greek, plural for Moira), often known in English as the Fates, were the white-robed incarnations of destiny.”

“The name could also be an Anglicization of the Irish name Máire (equivalent to English Mary).”

Myrcella is described as having all of her mother’s beauty… She is delicate, beautiful, and courteous. For her age, she displays courage, a strong will, and high intelligence.”

Thank you once more to Dr. Ching Ilao-Oreta, Dr. Rene Berdan, Jr., Dr. Minette Reyes-Bautista, and their team for a safe and relaxed delivery.

As with our first two children and now with our third, becoming parents ourselves teaches us to appreciate our own parents a whole lot more.

+ Ad majorem Dei gloriam! +

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2 thoughts on “Moira Myrcella: Hello, World!

  1. Mygz

    congratulations!! your party of five will definitely be rocking your house now! I can tell Moira will be as beautiful as the mom! 🙂 But with 2 kuyas to guard her, i don’t think she will be dating anytime within the next 2 decades.

    1. E.J. Padero Post author

      Thanks, NinjaGirl17! 🙂 We’ll see. Only time will tell. I hope our children will meet again one of these days, along with the new additions.

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