Chiro and Friends Theme Sounds Like Music From Circus Charlie

Video-gamers from the 1980s who are now parents are sure to instantly recognize the melody of the theme song to the Korean-made cartoon Chiro (Chiro and Friends):

[Watch it on YouTube: Korean Infant animation “Chiro & Friends”]

..and associate it with one of those video games for the Nintendo Famicom (Family Computer) released by Konami, Circus Charlie:

[Watch it on YouTube: Circus Charlie (NES) Music – Stage 1]

Albeit the former has a lower tempo, the tune is basically the same.

My wife, who plays the piano beautifully, says the music is not originally from the 1984 video game, but is rather a much older music piece written for and often used in circus acts. She says she saw the piece in one of those John Thompson piano (text)books.


[Watch it on YouTube: Circus Charlie Theme, Piano Version

1 thought on “Chiro and Friends Theme Sounds Like Music From Circus Charlie

  1. Ron

    The music is “American Patrol” by F W Meacham. It dates from at least 1891, and thus in the public domain. J P Sousa was the first to record it (even though he hated recordings as they cost jobs). Glenn Miller had a Big Band-era hit version as well.

    It’s sad that Chiro’s creators couldn’t credit it properly. The closing theme is also familiar, though I can’t quite place it.

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