Cagayan De Oro I Am In You!

Cagayan De Oro I Am In You

This is the first of four locations that I will be traveling to within the next 55 hours or so. #ChallengeAccepted

Status posts to the Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr sent via MMS to were failing (AGAIN!) while I was waiting at the airport gate. MMS text posts to my Facebook mobile email address were delayed. What worked best were posts to 2933 (Globe SMS) for Facebook and to 2363 (also Globe). Ergo, I was not able to feed my Tumblr pensieve.

Seeing the sun rising above the plateau that is the Lumbia airport of CDO made me sleepy. I was wide awake during the flight from Manila. I felt so disconnected from the Interwebs while up in the air.

Thanks to my cousin Pia for picking us up at the airport at 0545h.

Thanks to my cousin Ben for letting me squat on his MacBookPro. I am currently getting my WWW fix. The typefaces of the iOS Snow are purrty! Still, the simplicity of this makes me feel like a car mechanic who loves to tweak & tinker, being frustrated with the new cars of today that do not require nor allow much tinkering nor tweaking. Win-OS-dinosaur-me is using a MBP in memoriam of Steve Jobs.

I keep trying to CTRL+C and CTRL+V. Ben has told me they use Command+C and Command+V on this thing.

Thanks to my Tito Boy (we are truly Filipino! LOL) and Tita Mayette who are letting me crash at their house until I go on to my next destination at dawn on Sunday. My uncle has Anne Murray Christmas Songs playing from his iTunes in the other room. I hear he downloads Torrents, too! Cool. #OldButHip

I have been awake for more than 23 hours now. I should lie down. Time to crash soon. I leave you with Crash City’s cover of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”:

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  1. Sam

    Hi sir, I would like to know where did you go in Cagayan de Oro? There are lot of beautiful spots and affordable restaurants there. I wish you had completed your 55 hrs of trip.

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