Ninja/Samurai Sword/Katana Umbrella

The rain falls softly.
The samurai draws his sword.
Look, an umbrella.

Ninja Samurai Sword Katana Handle Umbrella

I am now equipped to fight the rain. Thanks to Cley.

Check out the campy and fun product description below (copied word-for-word):

This idea maded by Materious is reflected here as the gentleman’s umbrella meets the warrior’s sword. When today’s refined man grasps the umbrella’s handle on the commute to the office, he may safely indulge in bellicose fantasies, briefly becoming the steely samurai.

Fight the Rain

The rain falls softly.
The samurai draws his sword.
Look, an umbrella.

Either we just made it up, or that Haiku dates to around the 14th century. It is a little-known fact that Samurai also carried umbrellas. Much as they later had to disguise their swords as canes, so they disguised their umbrellas as swords. In fact, there was one skilled umbrella maker who all the Samurai relied on for their Sword Handle Umbrellas. His name has been buried in the sands of time, but his plans have been preserved. And now, it is with great pleasure that we offer to you, the Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella.

Glide it out of its nylon sheath. Hold it by its space-age plastic handle. Feel the balance. This is the umbrella you never knew you always wanted. No one will mess with you with this slung across your back, and even the rain will shudder when you pull it out. Apart from looking unbelievably awesome, the Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella is a dang fine umbrella. It comes in full Katana size – for however you need to pack it. It will keep you dry and the envy of your friends. Precipitation doesn’t stand a chance.

Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella:

  • A really sturdy umbrella with the handle of a samurai sword.
  • In full-sized “Katana”
  • Easy push-button opening
  • Nylon “scabbard” included (Katana size, has adjustable shoulder strap)
  • Dimensions: Katana: 38.75″ long x 41″ opened diameter