Oh “Mikey”, you’re so fine…

…you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mikey! Hey Mikey!

At Rustan's Supermarket on Katipunan Avenue

At Rustan's Supermarket on Katipunan Avenue

I cannot say for sure if the above left photo really is Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s son, Congressman Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo, allegedly browsing the booze / hard liquor section of Rustan’s Supermarket on Katipunan Avenue, as Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana raged on (which submerged Metro Manila in 410mm rainfall – a month’s worth in just 12 hours!). The image is blurry and inconclusive. Mikey has publicly denied it is him (see Mikey’s statement on Tumblr).

However, on the right, we are definite that that’s me and my son earlier tonight (photo taken by my lovely wife). We were shopping for Marie (TM) soft biscuits for him to munch on. He is teething – like any 8-month-old baby should be.

Note that there is a difference in camera angle between the two photos.

2 thoughts on “Oh “Mikey”, you’re so fine…

  1. Ramuel M. Raagas

    Anak ni Pandak iyan, ang nasa kaliwa, pero ang pukulan ng pansin ay ‘yung mismong mga shelves. Pampagulo lang ang abridor at special sale display sa foreground. Mas maliit talaga ang plane segment of focus sa kaliwa. Si Mikey, mula cranium hanggang lumbar vertebrae ay tatlong shelf-heights ang katumbas. Puwes, kasin-tangkad natin. Hindi ko masabi (harang sa torso mo ang special sale display) kung medyo nakakiling nang pa-yuko ang gulugod mo, pero halos tatlong shelves din ang corresponding upper body mo (upper = sa ibabaw ng hita).

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