Bigots/Racists Like User YuBin Kim (UglyYuBin) Have No Place On Twitter

Here’s the short, but concise email exchange I had with Twitter law enforcement (support) – just doing my bit part in keeping the Internet free of one more bigot that posted racist remarks:

Goodbye YuBin Kim (UglyYuBin) on Twitter

Goodbye YuBin Kim (UglyYuBin) on Twitter

I first read about the anti-Filipino Twitter account of Kim Yu Bin (user name UglyYuBin) via this post on Plurk. Here is a screen shot showing the last couple of Tweets posted on the said account (before the account was removed or suspended); click the thumbnail to enlarge:

Screen shot of Twitter user YuBin Kim (UglyYuBin)

Screen shot of Twitter user YuBin Kim (UglyYuBin)

Upon going to the Twitter account itself, I found that:

  • All tweets on the account were @ replies, mostly to heckle Filipino users on Twitter
  • The first/oldest Tweet was only three days old, dated September 25
  • The avatar and background images used were that of a Korean-looking woman

Also, anyone of any race could have created the account using a Korean name – even a Filipino “monkey” that had nothing better to do.

At the end of that particular Internet troll‘s brief stint of notoriety (more like, desperate call for attention), I was just too happy to take a few minutes to point the creature out to Twitter support, as if it were a pile of dog poop for disposal.

So long, UglyYuBin. You will not be missed. You just got pwned, suckah.

2009-Oct-06 UPDATE: Be my hero (user name “beahero”, a.k.a. Dana/Beatriz) on Tumblr, posted this below:

UglyYuBin isn’t Kim Yubin! That’s just a poser. In case you didn’t know, Kim Yubin is a Wonder Girl. :-bd & Her official Twitter Account is: WGyubin :>

‘Nuff said.

17 thoughts on “Bigots/Racists Like User YuBin Kim (UglyYuBin) Have No Place On Twitter

  1. boboka

    WGyenny should be blocked on twitter too!!
    look and read on “her” comment about what UglyYuBin said!

  2. Kim

    Hello, I’m a Korean.
    I must say to filipino.
    I think that twitter author is NOT Korean, Anti-Korean Japanese.
    ‘Kim Yubin’ is famous Korean singer.

    if he/she is really Korean, why he hate Korean, and named as “ugly”?

    he/she is NOT a Korean, he/she is a Japanese who pretend to Korean.
    Remeber, Internet is anonymous world, anybody pretend to any nationality.

    Obviously, twitter author is NOT Korean, author is a Japanese who pretend to ugly Korean, and who want spread anti korea sentiment to world.

    We love filipino. So, don’t fall dirty Japanese trap.

    All people. Most of the nastiest posters here are Japanese pretending to be various different nationalities. Remember that. Japanese are the worse scums of the earth. We hate their guts too.

    Think about it.

    According to common sense,
    if you are filipino, you want filipino singer name as “ugly”?

    if you are filipino, you want post “ugly” image of filipino singer?

    if you are filipino, you want post “i am a filipino, I want xxxx country person are die” write racist and dirty comment to other foreigner?

    All of This made by Anti-Korea Japanese troll.

    I’m a Korean, if he/she is a real Korean, We 100% apology to filipino.

    But, I really really think that author is NOT Korean. Most Korean don’t act like that.

    This is made by Anti-Korea Japanese racist troll who pretend to Korean.

    We love filipino.

  3. E.J. Post author

    @Kim Hello! Yes, like I said, the person who created the account could be of any nationality (Korean, Filipino, Japanese, etc. – any). Anyway, the bad account has now been removed by Twitter support. Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

  4. Roxy_Is_Ferox


    Actually, regarding WGyenny, well, UglyYubin replied to her…. besides there should be no @ sign before her username if WGyenny really commented it. She is one of the 2 Wondergirls’ who twitted her sympathy for the suffering of Filipinos

  5. Melchor Maypagasa

    Hindi dapat palampasin yan… It’s a racial slur and it’s offensive. It seems that she doesn’t realize that most of her countrymen benefit from us. They learn English and they enjoy going to Boracay and several beaches around the Philippines. Well, no wonder, even those Koreans who are here seem so arrogant. Korean employers keep exploiting Filipino workers in our own land. And now they are calling us monkeys. Aren’t we going to do anything about that?
    We have been so lenient for hundreds of years that’s why we were enslaved by Spain, USA and Japan. Now, probably by Korea culturally and economically…
    Kung ang mga ninuno natin hindi nagpalupig at dinilig ang lupain natin ng dugo upang maging malaya, papayag ba tayong mabalewala yun? Kaya hindi dapat palapasin, kung hindi madadala sa diplomasya, ang pagdanak ng dugo ay hindi maiiwasan, hindi ng dugong pinoy kundi dugo ng dayuhan…

  6. Ken

    Japanese people are now annoyed with trolls by Koreans living in Japan.
    It is now becoming a major social problem in our country.
    Please do NOT believe what Koreans say on website.
    They often bash people disguising their own nationality.
    They speak ill of other people (nationality) while absent.
    They are so down and dirty.
    Many Japanese are getting so angry.
    Please don’t believe them.

  7. J

    Japanese didn’t call filipino as monkey?
    OK. I will show evidence.

    And Don’t forget Japanese are racist asshole to filipino.
    I will show you how Japanese think about filipino.

    Source : Japanese largest website 2ch.
    unkar . jp/read/mamono . 2 ch . n et/newsplus/1232763665/1234906746/
    Post date : 2009/08/10

    Source : Japanese largest website 2ch.

    #1. From Japanese website

    ? ????????????????? ?
    Reasons that why i Hate filipino. wriiten by Japanese
    ‘?’ refer to ‘Monkey’.
    Only Japanese call filipino as monkey.

    #2. ????????????????????????????????
    They are dirty, we Japanese can’t live with Filipino
    We ignored filipino monkey hostes. lol

    Negihbor filipino monkey said polyethylene jar is a kerosene oil. and he gift it to me.
    filipinos are really beggar monkey. lol

    #4. ??????????????????????????
    When i was middle school studnet, filipino teacher said i am a yellow monkey.

    #5. ?????????????????????????????
    Many Japanese Father have sexual relationship with Filipino female monkey hostess.

    #6. ???????????????????????????????
    Filipino monkey harrassed japanese at a convenience store.

    #7. ????????????????????????????????????
    Filipino monkey are dumb and don’t know how can pass at enterance at airport.

    #8. ?????????????????????????????????????
    Filipino residence in Japan disrupting Japanese elementary school studnets. (cause english teacher?)

    #9. ?????????????????????????????
    When Filipino monkey break a promise, monkey never says “sorry”.

    #10. ???????????????????????????????????
    In my working place, Filipino monkey’s husband make a disturbance our working place.

  8. J

    Korean people are now annoyed with trolls by Japnese.
    It is now becoming a major social problem in our country.
    Please do NOT believe what Japanese say on website.
    They often bash people disguising their own nationality.
    They speak ill of other people (nationality) while absent.
    They are so down and dirty.
    Many Korean are getting so angry.
    Please don’t believe them.

  9. Wishmaster

    I can’t understand why Uglyyubin needed to write down awkward Korean grammar at front of the curse about Philippines.

    Hey! Yeon! Nowdays Korea! What do you do now?

    Above is Uglyyubin’s reply to WGyenny. I translated it. Yes, I’m Korean. And, even I can’t understand what she(or he) says….

    Jen_shwa seems to be a freaking racist and also anti-wondergirls.

  10. Reichii

    don’t belive anything kim has said, these koreans look down to the filipinos or should i say the whole southeast asians as monkeys. Don’t believe that a japanese racist done those discrimination. One of the korean traits are using japanese name in order to cover up their mistakes, a lot of their copyings are exposed everywhere, they are trying to destroy japanese image on you people. Actually Japan gave a donation about $220,000 on all ondoy storm victims, Prove : And a japanese singer actress named Kurara Chibana also personally helped filipino ondoy victims to recover. Prove: Sorry for the bad english i’ve made but i have to tell you the truth. The japanese had nothing to hate you filipinos, actually japanese like you filipinos. trust me im a japanese.


    “I think all of us Asian’s have the same facial feature” Filipinos has a very high percentage of Taiwanese DNA. Japanese migrated to the Philippines many year’s ago, so were the Chinese’ that’s why many Filipino’s look’s just like any Estern Asian’s. That’s make’s us all “Monkey’s but different color’s. Japanese, Chinese, Korean’s, Filipino’s all Southern’s Asian’s “WE ARE ALL THE SAME”……it’s just other’s are yellow and some brown..look at the mirror………….I LOVE ALL ASIAN’S..

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