Metrobank Daylight Armed Robbery

March 9, 2009. A couple of men wait in front of a Metrobank branch in Brgy. Parian Village, Calamba, Laguna. Their target/victim is a gas station supervisor who is about to deposit the day’s sales. The bank’s outdoor CCTV camera facing the entrance (front parking area) caught this on tape.

The raw video (3gp format, taken using a phonecam) that is being circulated via email for public safety awareness has been edited, with some details/comments added.

Be alert and aware of your surroundings – including the people around you. Always be on guard when carrying some amount of money – also when transacting at an ATM.

When odds are against you, never resist armed robbers! It is best to give them your money and hopefully survive the ordeal. In this poor man’s case, the money that was taken wasn’t even his.

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3 thoughts on “Metrobank Daylight Armed Robbery

    1. E.J. Post author

      Reports say that the motorcycle crashed into a passenger jeepney and the two robbers on it tried to escape on foot, but were eventually caught.

  1. Lolo Ed in Doha Qatar

    Yes one’s life is more than a bag of money. Give it to them and save your life…. you can earn more money if you are alive….

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