Sicko Michael Moore is on my Hero List

Before dozing off the other night, I was able to catch Michael Moore’s documentary, Sicko on cable TV. His rhetorical question hits home;

Who are we, is this what we’ve become?

He continues with an answer that can apply not just to society and American healthcare horror stories, but also to a whole lot more;

They say that you can judge a [society] by how it treats those who are worst off. But is it also true that you can judge a [society] by how it treats its best?

Today was my 7th straight day at something. Tomorrow will be the 8th. Thankfully, there will not be a 9th. That would probably be the straw that would break this camel’s back.

It was critical and necessary – and I delivered, but it also cost me time I will never be able to get back. What was it worth? How long have I given to Caesar much more than what is Caesar’s?

No más, señor. No más. No doy más, no aguanto más.

1 thought on “Sicko Michael Moore is on my Hero List

  1. H

    Micheal Moore really hits it with sicko. hehehe…
    its not answering the most pressing questions but asking the question that people don’t ask…

    They say america is a great country, well I guess in some ways but that depends on what lens are you using. 😀

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