Chacarron Macarron, Chacarron, Chacaron, Chagaron, or whatever you wanna call the darn song by El Chombo (not El Mudo nor Soca Gang), I’ve cut out an interesting 17-second bit of it that you can download for free and use the audio clip / sound clip as a message tone, SMS alert tone, or ringing tone / ringtone for your mobile phone or cellphone.

  • Click play to listen to or hear the file:
  • Right click and “Save Target As…”: Download El_Chombo_-_Chacarron.mp3
  • File info: 280 KB, 17-18 seconds, 128 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo.

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autobox.gifRemember that “transformation” sound of the Autobots and Decepticons? Well you can now download it here.

A few minutes and a little effort to bother scouring the worldwide web yielded the following .mp3 files you can use as your computer’s sound events or as your cell/mobile phone’s SMS/message tone and ring tone:

  • Transforming sound
  • Transformers scene change music
  • Transformers Season 1 Opening Music
  • Transformers Season 1 End Credits Music
  • (more…)

Competition has driven LCD monitor prices down somewhat, but models by trusted and competent brands like NEC, AOC, and Samsung are still very much on the pricey side. Like any prized and/or expensive item, you would naturally want to protect it from damage and make sure it lasts. Common everyday foes of LCD monitors are dust, dirt, scratches and finger oil (to say the least) from poke-happy fiends.

For my 19″ AOC 193FW LCD monitor, most protectors available online sell for US $59 to US $138 or Ph P2,700 to Ph P6,300! Pretty steep! On the high side, that’s already around the price of a 17″ CRT monitor. No, thank you.

Below are photos of the unboxing peeling (?) and minor installation of the LCD monitor protector I got last night from Made of clear acrylic plastic a.k.a. plexi-glass, it cost just Ph P500 or a little over US $10!


Another thing to be thankful for last month was that I finally got to replace my 4-year-old Giant 15″ CRT monitor with a spankin’ brand new AOC 19″ 193FW LCD monitor for my rig.

Check it out after the jump.


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