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After ten years of mucking about on the Internet, I finally decided to get a proper, personalized dot com for my obscure online publishing – my own domain name after barfing HTML all over the Internet since 1997.

Get your petty, sarcastic bitching here.

Having dubbed myself a web-dinosaur, I resisted push-button web publishing for as long as I could – until I finally gave in to WordPress. However, I still do write these posts using raw HTML code when possible. FTP hasn’t changed much… yet.

Easter 2007: Somewhere in Tagaytay, Batangas

From the raw, html-coded, and not very flattering beginnings of my first geeky homepage named My Dom@in at the old GeoCities community website a decade ago, I’ve been through a bunch of other personal website themes/layouts (EJ’s Notebook, Grayscale, ejpadero.heyey.com, and Wasapers) and various web hosts (Tripod, Heyey!, and FiestaHosting) since. Who hasn’t? There have also been some websites I’ve helped out with for some nice people.

This domain is where I hope to settle and build my own mini empire online, for keeps.

I suppose this is now my official homepage. My prototype of all that’s pointless on the Internet. There are many others like it and countless more that are much better in infinite ways, but this one is mine. No pretensions here. This is where I will say whatever I want to, whenever I feel like it. My pseudo reality, when you’ve had enough of your own.

I plan to post old entries from my defunct websites here to consolidate the junk I’ve published on the WWW. I’ll get around to that “one of these days”. Not that I expect anyone to be interested in my entries (old or new), but it will give me a feeling of wholeness if my past ramblings are still online so I can look back at them and reflect.

Life on the Internet is nothing more than a quest for material.

Muchos gracias to the wonderful and efficient crew behind my new domain and web host over at Web.com.ph!

Eventhough I am now well on my way to earning my own keep in this world, as I have always said,

“Salamat sa aking mga magulang.”
Thank you to my parents.

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