September 2007

Check out this extremely cool “Ballet of Destruction” German Renault commercial. Recently posted around the WWW, it definitely takes the cake as far as slow-motion car crashes are concerned. View a series of the most beautiful and stunning car crashes ever in this video of synchronized carnage:

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Chacarron Macarron, Chacarron, Chacaron, Chagaron, or whatever you wanna call the darn song by El Chombo (not El Mudo nor Soca Gang), I’ve cut out an interesting 17-second bit of it that you can download for free and use the audio clip / sound clip as a message tone, SMS alert tone, or ringing tone / ringtone for your mobile phone or cellphone.

  • Click play to listen to or hear the file:
  • Right click and “Save Target As…”: Download El_Chombo_-_Chacarron.mp3
  • File info: 280 KB, 17-18 seconds, 128 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo.

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The hit Spanish-language song (usually shortened to Chacarron, Chacaron, or sometimes even bastardized as Chagaron) proves that there is definitely life and career opportunities in the music industry even after a major stroke. I don’t know who the joke is really on. The performer or the audience. In any case, it’s a fun song that just lets go. Erm, it transcends words? How can it be called a Spanish-language song then?

There are two versions. One is by El Chombo (an American-born Panamanian Reggaeton producer and artist.) featuring Andy’s Val Gourmet (also from Panama). The song is sometimes falsely credited to “El Mudo”, an underground Spanish pop group. Wikipedia says in Chacarron, El Chombo mocks the reggaeton style of music – instead of reciting words over the traditional reggaeton style beat and backing, he slurs an incomprehensible stream of noise before breaking into the chorus in which the only two distinguishable “words” are “Chacarron” and “Macarron”. Very catchy.

Another version of the song also found online is by a group called the Soca Gang.

I don’t know which one was released first, but the Soca Gang video on Yahoo! Music says it was released in 2005. The El Chombo video at iflim on the other hand, is dated March 2006. After listening to both versions, I prefer the one by El Chombo. Watch them yourself and decide:


Yesterday, late afternoon, Czar and I walked our bitches dogs around the Ateneo de Manila University campus.

Our golden retreiver Xena on ADMU campus
“Camp Big Falcon” in the background
(Church of the Gesu)

Czar with his Siberian husky Honey.

On our way to La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas last week, we drove past this sign at a gas station somewhere in Lipa (I think). I just had to take a photo of it on the way back the next day.

Hiring: Elf Driver




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