May 2007

ejp502-r2d2.jpgThe whole family spent yesterday morning at the hospital and kept Dad company. Since not much of his left kidney is without the mass of evil cancer cells, his doctors have decided they’ll have to take it out entirely.

The operation is scheduled for Tuesday, 7 A.M.

We all attended Sunday Mass at the hospital Chapel and I got to escort my Dad to and fro in a wheelchair. After we got back to his room, I thought I’d take the wheelchair for a spin in the deserted hallway. That’s when my sister caught my lame R2-D2 impersonation on video.

The evidence, recorded using a Nokia 6020 is posted below:


Here’s a wonderful contraption I found over at ThinkGeek that is said to be how geeks relieve stress. It’s definitely healthier than whacking off and is much safer than going on a real-life shooting spree. A must for any stressed out or angry geek in my shoes, what with my parents’ health crisis, she who must be obeyed, and my line of tech support work having to deal with a lot of also stressed and/or angry people every friggin’ work day night.


Fire off a barrage from your favorite compatible toy weapon, knock down all three targets and watch as the internal motor resets them for the next round. A handy mesh trap in the rear collects your ammo for later use.

All that fun for just $9.99 or less than PhP 500! Too bad ThinkGeek does not ship to the Philippines. Way uncool. Check out a video of the Automatic Cube Weapon Target in action after the jump (click the more link, n00b).


Now you KNOW it without a doubt, how much we all LOVE you.

For one, thank you for driving back for my smelly old Dennis the Menace all those years ago, as she who must be obeyed never fails to remind me.

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
(Matthew 5:4)

Requiescat In Pace, F.H.C.

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