The expected midnight 30-minute-or-less drive from Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong to the Domestic Airport in Pasay took two grueling hours! Thanks to Murphy’s Law. At first, we thought it might have been due to yet another stroke of genius in roadworks by the MMDA, but were proven wrong when we finally passed the cause of our ire (and that of a million other motorists behind us).


We caught our end of the traffic jam shortly after exiting the Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road) tunnel on EDSA. Within the first hour, traffic must have been backed up all the way past Ayala Avenue and Buendia Avenue – maybe even up to Estrella (Rockwell) or even Guadalupe.

Check out the photos I was able to take using my crap camera phone while finally being able to drive squeeze past the cause of the incident.

No biggie. It was just an 18-wheeler flatbed truck

Closer: Southbound, under the Magallanes MRT Station
How to effectively block 3 lanes on EDSA