From Italian to Mexican, the menu is tomatos galore

Wanna try my kung fu? Tomato style. Hiiyaaa!

Had a computer gaming night out with da boyz. Our die-hard venue, Blue Skies Katipunan Avenue, was jam-packed even at midnight. To pass the time waiting for the kids to go home and make way for us pros, we went looking for some grub nearby.

The last time we were out for food on gaming night, we scored the easy, fast, and cheap (exotic?) food at Ababu along Maginhawa Street, Diliman. I had been wanting to try out this quiant little place called Tomatokick (also on Maginhawa, across Holy Family School) for a couple of months now, but have never been able to catch it open (being either too early or too late). I was lucky this time.

What makes this a gem is it’s rare that a neighborhood restaurant bothers to come up with (and stick to) a theme for its menu and take the pains to have matching interiors. The food is modestly priced and a lot of people seem to have adopted the place as a tambayan. I guess it’s because of its character and feel of not being a usual eatery or canteen like the ones in the area.