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Why Simon is Glad His iPhone Broke

Why Simon is Glad His iPhone Broke

Here’s a good read, by Ruby on Rails developer Simon Hørup Eskildsen, on how liberating it is to disconnect from the time-eating temptations of having a smartphone:

“A few spare minutes would usually result in checking my email, Twitter and Facebook. I was a little bit everywhere, all the time. But not truly anywhere. Without the temptation available from my pocket, I feel like I am more present being wherever I am.”

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Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought

The Onion parodies social media consultants:

“The world’s most successful companies know that social media is a powerful marketing tool, and Cameron Hughes knows how to make social marketing even more effective: by never injecting an ounce of effort into it.”

I’ve listed a few of the funny bits:
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You CAN Eat Without Posting it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

What The Interpipes Are Leaking Today – Found floating around online on the Facebook Page of Bogart the Explorer from Davao City:

You CAN eat without posting it on Instagram

You CAN eat without posting it on Instagram

“What if I told you,
You CAN eat without posting it on Instagram?”
– Morpheus

Remember this one?

Tweet Twitter Breakfast Upload Facebook Future Man Everyone Retarded

Is everyone in this future fucking retarded?

If it’s true that, “we are what we eat,” then back in college I was, “easy, fast, and cheap.” 😀