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Moving WordPress, Trying Joomla, Liking Drupal

The Move

I had been meaning to move my blog from my domain root to a subdirectory for some time now. I made a few of botched attempts last year, then time-pressed with other things, I gave up. Until two days ago. A little inspiration went a long way. A little more work was required this time, because last year’s failed migration of WordPress left some complications in the initial objective.

When I first tried to move my WP blog last year, I had the brilliant idea of putting it in a domain sub-folder named “2008”. Being the WP newbie that I was, I did not know that the MySQL database in WP already had such a directory in use for my 2008 archives. So when I created the said folder and then installed WP in it, WP got confused with the two installations, thinking they were the same database. In short, I kinda mixed/messed up WP and almost broke it. I was lucky that the database was still usable.

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