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You CAN Eat Without Posting it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

What The Interpipes Are Leaking Today – Found floating around online on the Facebook Page of Bogart the Explorer from Davao City:

You CAN eat without posting it on Instagram
You CAN eat without posting it on Instagram

“What if I told you,
You CAN eat without posting it on Instagram?”
– Morpheus

Remember this one?

Tweet Twitter Breakfast Upload Facebook Future Man Everyone Retarded
Is everyone in this future fucking retarded?

If it’s true that, “we are what we eat,” then back in college I was, “easy, fast, and cheap.” đŸ˜€

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Twitter is Definitely Down

Twitter DownIt’s not usual for Twitter to be offline and not even seeing the fail whale on a page. Nothing from the website will load. I first noticed at around 12:30 A.M. today, June 22, 2012.

A quick Google search led me to a scoop post by The Verge:

Twitter appears to be down for users across the US and other countries. Members of our staff in both the US and UK cannot access, and the social network’s APIs appear to be offline, too: first-party and third-party apps are both unable to send or receive tweets. It’s not rare for Twitter’s website to experience difficulties (also known as the fail whale), but the company’s website is unable to load at all at this time. It’s very rare for the social network’s APIs to break, though it appears to be coming and going. If you simply must send a tweet, seems to be loading up just fine. We’ve reached out to Twitter to see what the problem is, and we’ll update this post when we hear more.

Twitter is still down as of posting this at 12:54 A.M. (+8 GMT), June 22, 2012.

Read: Twitter is down [The Verge]

01:03 A.M. Update: Below is a screen shot from or

Twitter Status

SloPos says: How am I supposed to live without knowing what Justin Beiber is doing 24Ă—7!?!?!?!

01:18 A.M. Update: Twitter seems to be back online and stable. So far, so good. No official word yet from Twitter as to what had caused the outage.

02:02 A.M. Update: Twitter remains to drift on and offline. Stability yet to be seen. G’nyt, Internet!

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