E.J. Padero dot Com is my personal web portal.

This website shows some of the breadcrumbs I’ve scattered around the Internet.

E.J. Padero at DevCon 2010-Nov-13

E.J. Padero at DevCon 2010-Nov-13

Working with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) since 1997, some of the things I have helped work on are on my LinkedIn profile

The first time I opened up a computer CPU casing was in 1988. It was to disconnect the internal speaker from the motherboard. That was on our first personal computer at home. It was an IBM PC XT compatible with a 6 MHz Intel 80286 processor, a 4-color CGA graphics card, two 5.25″ floppy drives. It had a turbo button!

I was born in Metro Manila, Philippines. My childhood was during the 1980’s. My teens were in the 1990’s. In high school, I studied at four schools in four consecutive years in three different countries. We moved around a bit during my dad’s Health, Safety, and Environment work in the oil and gas industry. After taking my PSATs, I received an invitation from the Pratt Institute in New York to take up Art and Design. I returned to Manila for college/university.

Thank you to my parents and mentors.

Thanks for dropping by.

“May you find me somewhere in the vast Internet, just as we would, the gentle, elusive Right Whale, in the cold and dark, unexplored oceans.” – Right Whale Country, February 2002